Fc Chelsea 2019-20 Kits – DLS 22

Chelsea Kits for DLS 22 is here. Dream League Soccer 2022 Chelsea kits are here only for DLS 22

Download Chelsea DLS 22 kits in your Dream League & game on. DLS 22 kits are totally different from other DLS kits, so have to add every team kit for DLS 22, and today we are here with Team Chelsea Fc only for Dream League Soccer 2022

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Fc Chelsea Logo is here. you can use this logo in any version of dls.

Fc Chelsea Logo

Home Kits

Fc Chelsea home kits only for DLS 22.

chelsea hm
chelsea home kits

Juventus Kits – DLS 20

DLS 20 kits

Away Kits

chelsea away
Chelsea Away

Third Kits

chelsea thrd
Chelsea third

GK Home

chelsea gk
Chelsea GK

GK Away

chelsea gk away
Chelsea GK Away

GK Third

chelsea gk 3rd
Chelsea GK Third

Installation Tutorial:

  1. Open Game
  2. Click on the Customize icon at the top corner
  3. Edit logo/kits
  4. Click on Download
  5. Copy Kits & Logo link from this post
  6. Paste in the apk and save.

Video Tutorial:

Credit: MR. PES PLAY

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