DLS 23 Official Release Date | Dream League Soccer 2023 Release Date

Dream League Soccer 2023 is about to release globally. DLS 23 Update rollout has finally started. First Touch Games – The Developer Team of Dream League Soccer is yet to announce the release date of Dream League Soccer 2023 | DLS 23

DLS 23
DLS 23

First Touch Soccer Company has posted a Tweet about the Update of DLS 23 News. Soon they will update the game and bring out some minor changes.

Who is the owner of Dream League?

Charles Chapman
CEO & Founder of First Touch Games.

First Touch Soccer is the owner company of Dream League Soccer.
Except for Dream League Soccer FTG has many more games like SCORE! HERO, SCORE! MATCH, First Touch Soccer.

Dream League Soccer 2023 All New Leaked Features

  • Added New Players: Robert Lewandowsky, Diego Costa, Willian, and Many more players will be added in DLS 23
  • New Club License: Bundesliga, American MLS & Many more club licenses will be added in DLS 23
  • Sell Player: You can now earn coins by selling Player. Also, you will have the option to choose coin or coach while selling a Player.
  • Friendly Match: Friendly Matches will be much more smooth, and lag-free. With zero percent interrupt, you can now play friendly matches.
  • Updated Commentary: Bored of the same old commentary? Dream League Soccer 2023 will be going to bring a Brand New set of commentary in many Languages.
  • Updated Player Rating: Based on real-time performance and Fifa Pro Rating, DLS 23 will adjust the player rating.
  • Player Face Update: DLS 23 will bring some graphics updates with real-time matching Player faces. It will include a new haircut and a Beard design too.
  • New Game Mood: For the 1st time ever FTG is going to add some exciting game mood in DLS 23. International matches, UCL Match, and World Cup Mood will also be included in DLS 23.
  • Online Event: DLS 23 will bring some exciting online events.
  • New SoundTrack: As usual DLS 23 will add some brand new soundtracks.
  • UI & GRAPHICS Update: DLS 23 will bring out a brand new fresh looking UI.
DLS 23 Release date
DLS 23 Release date

What is the release date of DLS 23?

On December 17, 2022, DLS 23 will be released worldwide. It will be available on Playstore & Apple Store.

DLS 23 Release Date

December 17, 2022. As it’s confirmed by FTG, DLS 23 will be released on Nov 17. But the date is flexible. It can be changed according to development progress. Follow First Touch Games on Twitter for the latest update news.

Will DLS 23 be offline?

Can I play DLS 23 offline? The answer is just like DLS 22 it will be an online Game. But still, you can play the Exhibition match Mode without an internet connection. The Exhibition mood will work offline.

Is DLS better than PES?

To compare DLS with PES, there are some points. The key points are game size, customization, Licence, and Gameplay. If you want better Gameplay & Customization just go for PES. DLS comes with fewer licenses than PES. DLS requires less storage and it’s easy to play. If you have fewer times to play and don’t care about graphics just go with DLS.

How to Download DLS 23?

After December 17, DLS 23 will be available on Playstore & Apple Store. Alternatively, You can download it by following the link and installation tutorial below. Check out DLS 23 Exclusive Edition Download . DLS 23 download option will be available as soon as it releases.

Can DLS 23 be Hacked?

DLS 23 is an online game so it can’t be hacked. But there are a lot of ways to cheat in this game. Applying these methods will lead you to account suspension.

How to hack DLS 23?

There are a lot of methods of DLS 23 Hack. To hack DLS 23 you can install Mod Apk of it. Using a private server also works. There are some rooted tools like Game Guardian and Lucky Patcher. These tools can easily bypass game security. Follow the article to Hack DLS 23

DLS 23 Trailer


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