DLS 22 All Skills Tutorial

All Skill Tutorial of DLS 22 is here. Watched so many videos on YouTube ‘How to Perform Skill Move-in DLS 22.’ but none of those videos showed all skills. So I have made this Dream League Soccer 2022 All Skills Tutorial. Including DLS 22 Basic skills to Advanced Skill Tutorial.

Basic Skills

Basic Skills are very easy to make. Almost every well-rated player can perform these moves very easily. You can make these moves with every click. There are three types of basic skill moves. But before performing these basic skills make sure your player rating is a minimum of 80+. Because Poorly rated players can’t perform skill moves. Details & the Performing tutorial of these moves are written below.

Rainbow Flick:

Rainbow Flick is one of the easiest & basic skills of DLS 22. It’s very easy to perform and works very well against opponents in online matches.to perform Rainbow Flick, all you need to do is “swipe the screen up while running with the ball.”


Feint is an effective basic skill of DLS 22. It works super fine to dribble the ball. To perform Feint in DLS 22 all you need to swipe left or right on the screen while running with the ball.


You can perform Roullete by swiping down the screen while running with the ball. It is a very amazing skill to pass an opponent player and keep the ball in your foot.

Advanced Skills

These skills are a little bit difficult to perform. All players will not perform the same skill. To perform these types of skills move you need a very well-rated player. Also you cant perform each move every time. Each Player Performs unique special moves. All you need to do is a practice to master these advanced skills.

Bicycle Kick:

Among all advanced skills, the Bicycle kick is the easiest one. Most of the players used to perform this type of kick. When the ball is in the air double tap on the screen to do a bicycle kick. You can also cross the ball from one player to another by pressing the ‘C’ button. After pressing the ‘C’ button you also can double-tap on the screen. While doing a corner kick you can easily perform this skill by double-tapping the screen.

Scorpion Kick:

Scorpion Kick is very rare in DLS 22. Only a few players used to perform this kick. The tutorial is the same as a bicycle kick. When the ball is in Air double tap on the screen to perform.


When the ball is in the air and straight on you and goal bar double-tap on the screen to Head.

Rabona Kick:

Rabona kick is a kinda Complicated Kick. But if you practice again & again u can perform very easily. To do 1st you have to make a rainbow Flick by swiping up & then quickly pressing the B/C button to Perform Rabona.

Video Tutorial:

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