How to change the Splash Screen of Dream League Soccer 2019

How to Change the Splash Screen of Dream League Soccer

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Changing the Splash Screen is not an Easy Task. But I am here to assist.First you need to know About Splash Screen.Well, Splash screen is the loading image of Dream League Soccer as its shown in the Thumbnail.
Lets change it…..
To change this image we need some tools.These are given below with download link. 

Required Tools: 

 1. Apk Editor Pro click here to Download
2. Splash Image
3. PixelLab (you can use any photo Editor)
4. Zarchiver (if you dont have any file manager in your phone) 


About The Splash Screen: 

You can use any image as the Splash Screen.But you have to do some change in the Image. 
-Splash Image size have to be 1280×800 (Using photo Editor PixelLab you can resize your image)
-Image format have to be in PNG
Note: I am using a pre Edited sample image for this Tutorial.You can use my image too.
Sample 2BImage



-Back Up your Game data & Obb by re naming folder name.(video tutorial is given below)
-Install Apk Editor Pro
-Resize your Selected image into 1280×800 size Using PixelLab
-Go to File Manager/ZArchiver Rename the image to “splash_title.png
-Open Apk Editor Pro 
-Select Apk from app (u can fint this in Apk Editor Pro)
-Select Dream League Soccer
-Select Full Edit
-Decode all files
-Delete “splash_title.ftc” & add the edited photo “splash_title.png” 
-Click on Build button.
-Select Uninstall & Install
-After install rename the data and obb folder name Back to default.
-Now Open the Game.

Tutorial video(Must watch first):  


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